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Writing job source

After all, as an HR professional you most likely see hundreds of resumes each year, some of which might be quite impressive. You know a good resume when you see it. What can you do to make the resume-writing process easier and to craft a resume that will instantly distinguish you from other well-qualified HR candidates?

Use a Well-Branded Headline Of course, your resume will start with your name and contact information phone number and live links to both your e-mail address and LinkedIn profile prominently positioned at the top of the page. Do you have an industry specialization?

Experience with a hot-button HR issue? With just a few words, you can quickly convey relevant and valuable information about yourself that will set you apart from other candidates.

One word of caution about headlines—and, in fact, about everything that you include in your resume. Be selective and be strategic. You can cite the number of employees, the number of locations, the total annual company revenue, the specific business or industry, and other details that will give readers a frame of reference.

Just as with your headline, be strategic.

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Emphasize Achievements This is perhaps the most critical strategy in creating a powerful and memorable resume. Without specific achievements, your resume will sound much like that of any other HR professional who has similar experience.

While your knowledge and expertise are important, hiring managers want to know more. In the accompanying sample resumes, you will see both quantified and unquantified achievement bullets.

In fact, HR professionals sometimes find it difficult to quantify achievements. After all, HR is not sales.

Writing job source

But we encourage you to dig deep to find results wherever possible. Often if you ask yourself about the problem you solved—not just the activity, but why that activity was important to the business—you can find positive and perhaps measurable outcomes.

Highlight HR Keywords You know how important keywords are for both human readers and electronic eyes scanning your resume.

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Look for opportunities to introduce keywords throughout your resume. You want keywords to be prevalent throughout every section of your resume. When you read her Professional Experience section, you find a wealth of HR keywords in every sentence. Rather, the keywords are seamlessly integrated into all of her achievement bullets so that readers gain clear and compelling evidence of her HR activities, expertise and value.

One of the first things you notice in the Professional Experience section are the bold keywords at the start of each bullet point. Prepare Your Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems Carrying on with our discussion of the importance of keywords … as an HR professional you have an advantage over most candidates.

Use that knowledge for your own benefit. But you can—and should—follow best practices for formatting your resume, integrating keywords and increasing keyword density. This gives her a greater chance of being found in a computerized keyword scan, regardless of the exact term the hiring manager inputs for a specific search.

Share What Makes You Special Obviously, your professional experience and educational credentials are vital in positioning you as a well-qualified candidate.

However, there are many other items you can—and should—include in your resume if relevant to your career. These items add further value, distinction and qualification. Be certain to include any of these that are relevant to you: Write Tight, Lean and Clean Clean, clear, concise writing is the hallmark of a powerful and modern resume.

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