The importance of educating children to prevent law enforcers from taking advantage over their innoc

Babysitting safety Bicycling, pedestrian, and motor vehicle safety Special crimes in which students are especially likely to be offenders or victims, such as vandalism, shoplifting, and sexual assault by acquaintances.

The importance of educating children to prevent law enforcers from taking advantage over their innoc

Crime Part of a majesty and grandeur of the American experiment is that no matter who you are or where you come from, with some hard work and determination, you can rise from nothing to become the head of a major criminal organization.

Like baseball and apple pie, organized crime has been an American tradition ever since it first became a nation. And like the nation itself, American organized crime is a melting pot of different industries, rackets, enforcement brigades, and transnational networks that Walmart only wishes it could duplicate.

Although the Sicilian-derived mafia may comprise the best known organized crime groups in the United States, they are far from the only name in the game. During the glory years of mafia activity, a hybrid Italian-Jewish coalition known as Murder, Inc. This group essentially did for hitmen what Henry Ford did for manufacturing.

Their plucky New York kill squad was responsible for an untold number of murders as far flung as Los Angeles, Detroit, and Florida, and functioned as an unaffiliated enforcement arm for many of the largest organized crime groups of the time. By the end of the 19th century, these groups collectively ran more than 90 percent of all prostitution in the U.

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She was instrumental in turning New York City into the heart of North American organized crime before escaping to Canada and living out her remaining years in wealth, comfort, and pre-extradition foreign sovereignty.

So much for cautionary tales. These loosely organized street gangs or Gangs of New York, if you are a movie fan fought for neighborhood protection and gambling rackets for decades before going head-to-head with the Italian-American mafia in a fight for dominance during Prohibition.

Every time the U. Rather, a combination of disenfranchisement along with anti-immigrant behaviors means immigrants face a lot of challenges when they arrive. From language and cultural barriers, to being forced to concentrate in poorer neighborhoods, to lack of political representation, as well as outright ostracism, nativism entrenches prejudicial hiring, cementing a lack of opportunity, limited access to education, and even basic social structures beyond their own immigrant communities.

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Cut off from the rest of the world, immigrant communities thus turn inward to solve their basic problems and forge ties to improve their situation. The more they have in common—ie, the more immigrants from a single country or region come to America at the same time—the stronger their upstart community.

So, a potato famine in Ireland drives a wave of Irish immigrants, who earn the enmity of the locals upon arrival, cluster in poor areas, and soon Irish gangs are laying the groundwork for a criminal empire.

In fact, organized crime almost always has its start as a protection racket. Psychologist Paul Bloomwho explored the origins of morality by studying babies, found that even young children, left to their own devices, will use violence and intimidation in an attempt to maintain fairness and social order.

When adults are in the room, they look to the adults for these safety measures and moral enforcement. When adults are gone, the babies create their own enforcement system based on strength and ostentatious confrontation.

Again, it comes down in part to immigration and disenfranchisement. Assimilation takes time, but survival cannot wait. When the establishment of police, law, and order is out of reach, people tend to make due through alternative means. Plus, different gangs competing for dominance can be every bit as hazardous to the community as corrupt bureaucrats and dirty cops, so it pays to invest in at least one criminal gang.

As gangs and protection rackets grow, earn buy-in from more people, and have more economic and social clout, they become self-sustaining, as well as capable of diversification—say, into murder for hire, or trafficking contraband.

So organized crime adapts, survives, and grows. This, more or less, is the genesis of all organized crime: In the world of organized crime, the parallel law enforcement systems rely more on brute strength and fear, than on the nuances of trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

However, there is one model that has managed to take both markets by storm: Franchising is essentially a model for growth through duplication: Drug gangs have copied this model with rousing success, because like fast food, illegal drugs are essentially a consumer good, subject to the ordinary laws of supply and demand.

Drug cartels have organized highly efficient system to connect production growers and labs, mostlywith distributors ie, mules and traffickerswith retailers—that is, dealers. Obviously, every stage in this system is vulnerable when the goods in question are illegal, so some amount of standardization is necessary to ensure the folks involved are trustworthy, reliable, and competent.

Given the incredible volume and value of the drug market, the participants at every level have plenty of incentive to streamline supply chains and coordinate as much as possible, maximizing growth and revenue pathways while mitigating direct competition as much as possible.

The importance of educating children to prevent law enforcers from taking advantage over their innoc

Dealer turf is negotiated according to salesmanship and demand, while competing franchises are dealt with either through peaceful coordination, or well-regulated violence. Hitmen and enforcers, after all, are generally at least contracted by gang leadership to avoid escalation and especially to prevent law enforcement from intervening.

Just as an employee in a fast food franchise has the opportunity to ascend the ranks to become a manager and owner, so too does the drug gang hierarchy have an order of succession and advancement. And the higher up you go, the more profit you get to keep, and the more subordinates you control.

This, in part, explains why gang membership is such an attractive opportunity: The whole franchise arrangement is a relatively modern phenomenon compared to the history of gangs and criminal enterprise in America. Prohibition, which had started as a local initiative and eventually engulfed the entire country, was a game-changer.prevention, education, treatment, and law enforcement (

Promising Strategies to Reduce Substance Abuseillustrates this approach through examples Promising Strategies to Reduce Substance Abuse is an assessment of . These former law enforcement officers see on a daily basis the staggering losses their employers are taking because of high technology crimes and are frustrated by law enforcement’s inability to keep up with the technology or seek private sector assistance for training or technical support.

The Importance and Need of Restricting Free Speech to Stop Hate Crimes. words. 3 pages. 1, words. 4 pages. The Importance of Educating Children to Prevent Law Enforcers from Taking Advantage Over Their Innocence. words. 2 pages.

In my own opinion, taking an introductory agriculture course should be a requirement in K education. Issues that are at the top of the agenda concerning agriculture these days include genetically modified organisms, animal welfare / rights (which are two completely different things), and water pollution.

The importance of the Miranda warning is to protect suspect and criminals from self incrimination. Without the Miranda warning law enforcement would take advantage of the things suspects say. In this case, i believe that the student should have been read his Miranda rights because he was in the presence of a police officer, and in the end he was sentenced.

Most law enforcement, school, and community-based providers agree that educating parents about gangs is necessary and critical if the growth of gangs is to be curbed. Law enforcement and educators need to work together to develop the necessary tools and materials to educate parents.

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