The earth has a fever

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The earth has a fever

Share via Email To account for global warming, we have to include measurements of rising ocean temperatures. Alamy Much has been made about the Earth's energy imbalance extra energy absorbed by the Earth. It is clear the Earth is out of balance, in laypersons' terms, it has a "fever".

What isn't clear is how bad the fever is. A new study by Dr. Matt Palmer and Dr. Doug McNeall moves us closer to answering this "fever" question. Matt Palmer and Doug McNeall These scientists used data from the latest group of climate computer models CMIP5 to look at the relationships between the energy flows at the top of the atmosphere, the surface temperature of the Earth, and changes in ocean energy.

They made in my mindthree important conclusions. First, there is a lot of variability in the Earth surface temperature. In The earth has a fever, these natural fluctuations of the Earth surface temperature 0.

The earth has a fever

Consequently, you cannot use Earth surface temperatures over 10 years or so as an indicator of the Earth "fever". As we look over longer periods of time, the "masking" of global warming by internal fluctuations gets smaller; however, even for 15 years or so, natural fluctuations and human-caused global warming can be about the same size.

This means that more complete measurements of the global oceans would enable us to better measure the "fever. There were some other conclusions that are noteworthy.

For instance, we have heard a lot about how things like volcanoes, human particulate emissions, and solar variability can also impact our understanding of the Earth's "fever. Another phenomenon that has been reported on quite a bit recently, including by me and my colleague in these pages, is the role of energy storage deep in the ocean.

The authors confirm that such storage likely plays a contributing factor to the internal variability. According to one of the authors, Dr. Palmerwho spoke about the importance of ocean and satellite measurements of the Earth's "fever," "My view is the net radiation at top-of-atmosphere TOA energy flow is the most fundamental measure of global warming since it directly represents the accumulation of excess solar energy in the Earth system.

The lack of correlation between global surface temperature and TOA over ten years or so tells us that temperature trends are not a good indicator of how much energy is accumulating in the Earth system over the same period. This means that the recently observed "pause" in surface warming may tell us nothing about longer-term global climate change.

Global warming should be called global heating, says key scientist

Doug McNeall added, "If you want to measure global warming on timescales of about a decade, measure the temperature of the oceans. The deeper you measure, the more accurately you'll measure the warming.South China Morning Post Christmas rush ideal cover for wildlife traffickers.

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THE EARTH HAS A FEVER - climate change (GISS) has shown that between and the average global temperature of the Earth has increased by about 1° Celsius. Two-thirds of this warming occurring since , at a rate of roughly - °C per decade.

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The. Useful Information on Dreams, Dream Recall, Dream Journaling, Translations, Big Dreams About Earth Changes, Prophecy, and Links to Other Dream Sites. Much has been made about the Earth's energy imbalance (extra energy absorbed by the Earth). It is clear the Earth is out of balance, in laypersons' terms, it has a "fever".

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