Sony tv business

InMasaru Ibuka started an electronics shop in a department store building in Tokyo. The company built Japan's first tape recordercalled the Type-G.

Sony tv business

But the question remains: Is the once-proud business really worth keeping? Continue Reading Below Masashi Imamura, who oversees the TV division, says there is still value in it for Japan's most famous consumer-electronics company, even at a time when traditional television viewing is losing out to Sony tv business kinds of digital content, and low-cost upstarts like Vizio Inc.

But the Sony TV operation that is emerging from a decade of market missteps--it lagged in the shift to plasma screens and liquid crystal displays--is much more modest than the one responsible for the Trinitron cathode-ray tube TVs that ruled living rooms from the s to the early s.

Sony predicts sales in its home entertainment and sound segment, which includes TVs as well as hi-fi systems, DVD players and other audiovisual devices, will shrink to around Yen1. For the current year, the company is expecting segment sales to rise slightly to Yen1.

Imamura didn't rule out a sale if the business falters again.

Sony is weighing a sale of film, TV business

He said "many plans," including a further paring-back of the division, are being considered "at various levels" if consistent profits remain out of reach. During the long slump, Sony concentrated on price and design by introducing entry models or thin-bezel lineups in order to stay competitive in TVs, but the latest sets build on its traditional strengths in picture and sound quality, Mr.

Irie said the TV was also easy to use because the user interface reminded him of his PlayStation videogame console, of which he is fan. Imamura said that instead of chasing market share, Sony will focus on high-end TVs, including so-called 4K sets, which offer four times the resolution of conventional high-definition TVs.

Sales of 4K sets have driven the company's TV revenue growth since Imamura, who has been leading the TV turnaround effort since The year-old Sony executive previously made the company's digital-camera business a smashing success.

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In the era of so-called smart, Internet-connected TVs, Mr. Imamura said he wants to improve software interfaces to make it easier to access cloud-based content so that users have to push fewer buttons on their remote controls.

Imamura said his team was working closely with engineers in the PlayStation division and in Sony's Xperia smartphone unit, in order to streamline connections with the Internet-based devices. As boundaries between digital media continue to blur, Sony recently disclosed plans for a service called PlayStation Vue, which will provide television content to U.Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

(SME), commonly known as Sony Music, is an American global music conglomerate owned by Sony and incorporated as a general partnership of Sony Music Holdings Inc.

through Sony Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. It was originally founded in as American Record Corporation and renamed as Columbia Recording Corporation in Feb 18,  · Sony is in the midst of a restructuring that has so far seen it sell off its personal computer division and spin off the TV business.

Sony tv business

It has also axed thousands of jobs. Sony Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai has said the company would consider entering a TV-making partnership. And Mr. Imamura didn't rule out a sale if the business falters again.

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Sony is comprised of many divisions, the only one being talked about is the entertainment division (Studio/TV), the division that houses the Games/ PS division is the Electronics Division which.

Feb 18,  · Sony announced last night that it's spinning off its audio and video divisions, much like it spun off its television division last year.

That won't mean much right now; Sony still displayed i.

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