Solaris 10 ldom you do not have write access

Detach the mirrored disk and use it as ABE disk for upgrade. Keep all environment in original disk intact; Remove all meta devices from both original boot disk and new ABE disk including metadb. Make sure both disks boot fine.

Solaris 10 ldom you do not have write access

All CPU cores execute instructions concurrently, and each core switches between threads—typically when a thread stalls on a cache miss or goes idle—within a single clock cycle.

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This lets the processor gain throughput that is lost during cache misses in conventional CPU designs. Each domain is assigned its own CPU threads and executes CPU instructions at native speed, avoiding the virtualization overhead for privileged operation trap-and-emulate or binary rewrite typical of most VM designs.

Each server can support as many as one domain per hardware thread up to a maximum of This change takes effect immediately without the need to reboot the affected domain, which can immediately make use of added CPU threads or continue operating with reduced resources.

The process encrypts guest VM memory contents before they are transmitted between servers, using cryptographic accelerators available on all processors with sun4v architecture.

Solaris 11: Network Configuration Advanced

Logical Domain roles[ edit ] All logical domains are the same except for the roles that they are assigned. There are multiple roles that logical domains can perform such as:Interesting case 2: If you have execute (but not write) permission on a directory AND you have write permission on a file living within, you cannot delete the file (because it involves removing it from the list).

However, you can erase its contents e.g. if it's a text file you can use vi to open it and delete everything. This section helps you understand what lo gical domains are, what they can do, and how you might make the best use of them. guide uses the terms partitions, logical domains, domains, and LDoms . Suppose you have read access to a directory, but you do not have read access to the files in the directory. You can still read the directory, or more corectly, the status information for that file, as returned by the stat () system call.

You are here: Home / LDOM / LDOM console write access issue – Solaris. LDOM console write access issue – Solaris.

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Troubleshooting: X connection to localhost:10 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

LDOM OVM. Configuring VLAN on LDOM – Oracle Solaris; Now a days i have mostly dealing with oracle VM for SPARC on T-4 servers.(LDOM).

solaris 10 ldom you do not have write access

As we all know that hardware . Do /etc/rc[56].d work as expected in Solaris 10 and 11, and especially, do the scripts in /etc/rc5.d only get run for an init 5 / shutdown -i5, and the scripts in /etc/rc6.d only get run for an init 6 / shutdown -i6?

If you've been reading the previous patching blogs you'll know that the bare metal OS is sorted plus the Zones (which is just patch the bare metal and the Zone receives the patch as well) have been covered using ZFS and Live Upgrade (being still reasonably new to Solaris I've been impressed with).

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