Real time business intelligence at continental

Demand-Driven Dispatch - Canadian Airlines Prior to implementing an active data warehouse, flight schedules and plane assignments were seldom changed, regardless of changes in markets and passenger levels. A Demand-driven Dispatch application used forecast information from the revenue management data mart [integrated with a enterprise data warehouse] and flight schedule data was used to identify opportunities for maximizing aircraft usage.

Real time business intelligence at continental

Does Continental apply active or real-time warehousing differently than this concept is Normally described? The data warehouse initial focus was to provide accurate integrated data revenue management. At Continental they moves real-time data, ranging from to-the-minute to hourly about customers, reservations, check-ins, operations and flits from its main operation system to the enterprise data ware house.

Following are the few key applications that rely on real-time data. Continental uses real-time data to optimize airfares using mathematical programming models. Over the past years, a goal was to increase the amount of travel by continentals most valuable customer travel.

Managing information technology,P. Continental uses its warehouse to identify reservations that are not in fare and contract Compliance and to profile suspicious booking and ticketing transactions.

Fraud also includes the Blocking of seat inventory, the selling of tickets at prices lower than allowed. Fictitious booking records, fraudulent lost baggage claims, and One Pass account redemption abuse. Airline security is also supported by the Continentals real-time data warehouse.

Because of this the company has dramatically changed all accepts of its business. In what ways does real-time data warehousing fit with the Continental strategy and plans And describe some of the specific benefits they have realized from its implementation?

Fit with the Continental strategy and plans, by deploying applications in revenue management, customer relationship management, flight and ground operations, fraud detection, security, and others.

We can clearly see that this real-time data warehousing applications are suitable with the conventional strategy and plans which is affecting the ways of business continental does.

Following are the some of the benefits which has been realized: What did the data warehousing group do right from a technical, organizational, and strategic perspective that has led to the successful deployment of real-time data warehousing and BI within Continental?

Real time business intelligence at continental

The first right thing the group has done is to divide their work; here each person was responsible for their work. They together manage the warehouse, develop and maintain the infrastructure, data modeling, developing and maintaining ETL processes, and also worked with the business units.

These groups have been a great help for continental in implementing real-time data warehousing. On the other hand, another right thing the group has done is the communication between the employees. For example, the warehouse staff meets with the committee to inform and educate the members about warehouse-related issues.

In turn, the members identify opportunities for the warehouse staff to become involved with the business areas.4 Continental Airlines is a leader in real-time BI. It has received numerous awards for its work, including in , The Data Warehousing Institute’s Best Practices and Leadership Awards.6 Continental’s experiences with real-time BI illustrate the challenges, solutions, and business.

Real-time data warehousing and BI, supporting its aggressive Go Forward business plan, have helped Continental Airlines alter its industry status from “worst to first” and then from “first to favourite”.

Technology company Continental has announced the closing of its acquisition of Singapore-based mobility intelligence provider Quantum Inventions. According to Judy Davis' article "Right-Time Business Intelligence Optimizing the Business Decision Cycle—Teradata Case Study: Continental Airlines" published in the Business Intelligence Network Research Report, Continental uses its Teradata enterprise data warehouse to drive several operational BI applications, including revenue.

Business intelligence & analytics (BI&A) has evolved to become a foundational cornerstone of enterprise decision support.

Real time business intelligence at continental

Since the way BI&A is implemented and assimilated is quite different among organizations is important to approach BI&A literature by four selected diffusion stages (adoption, implementation, use and impacts of use). We present results from a case study of the use of business intelligence (BI) systems in a human services organization.

In their organizational trajectory towards a "culture of data," our informants perceived four values associated with BI: data-driven, predictive and .

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