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Professionally written college admissions essays

Admission Requirements for College Transfers Students who have attended another regionally accredited college or university will be considered for admission to Lamar University under the requirements listed below.

Former students of Lamar University, who attend another university, will also have to meet the following transfer admission requirements: Submit a transfer application for admission at http: Submit official transcripts from each college previously attended.

This requirement applies regardless of the length of time in attendance and regardless of whether credit was earned or is desired. Students will not be allowed to register until all official college transcripts are on file.

Failure to disclose previous college attendance is justification for revocation of acceptance and dismissal from Lamar University. Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.

Professionally written college admissions essays

Students transferring fewer than 18 semester credit hours must submit an official high school transcript, take the SAT or ACT and have an official record of these scores sent to Lamar University.

Applicants not fully meeting all transfer requirements may be reviewed and considered for admission on an Individual Approval basis. Returning and readmitted students will not be assessed this fee. Concurrently enrolled high school students will not be assessed this fee but will be subject to it upon application as a first-time-in-college student after high school graduation.

Professionally Written College Admissions Essays

Application fee waivers will be granted based upon receipt of The College Board or ACT college application fee waiver requests. Transfer Credit Evaluation Credit earned at other regionally accredited institutions will be considered for credit at Lamar University under the following policies: All courses, whether passed, failed or repeated, are used in calculating a transfer grade point average.

The transfer grade point average is used solely to determine admission status and is not incorporated into the Lamar University grade point average. Transfer work will not be used in determining honors graduation status.

No lower-division or level college credits will be considered for transfer as upper-division or credits. Credits earned toward a baccalaureate degree at a two-year institution granted state authority to award such will be exempted from this policy.

Students transferring under this exception must provide a transcript verifying their matriculation in an approved baccalaureate degree program.

Acceptance to the university does not constitute acceptance to a particular degree program. Transfer students will be informed of the amount of credit that will transfer no later than the end of the first academic term in which they are enrolled.

Non-equivalent credit is granted by the university; however, equivalent credit may be granted by a department chair for use in a specific degree plan. Transfer of Military Credit Credit may be granted for military experience.

Students must submit one of the following documents: For veteran service members: Academic Fresh Start Applicants seeking transfer admission or readmission, and who have academic credits or grades that were earned ten or more years prior to the semester in which enrollment is sought, may elect to seek entry under the terms of academic fresh start.

Under this policy, the applicant may petition Lamar University not to consider in the admission process and in the calculation of GPA course credits or grades earned 10 years or prior. Applicants seeking entry under this section will not receive any credit for any courses taken 10 or more years prior to enrollment.

Applicants applying under Academic Fresh Start are subject to all standard admission and testing criteria applicable to persons seeking admission. Resolution of Transfer Disputes for Lower-division Courses The following procedures shall be followed in the resolution of credit transfer disputes involving lower-division courses: If Lamar University does not accept course credit earned by a student at another institution of higher education, the university shall give written notice to the student and to the sending institution that transfer of the course credit is denied.

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The university shall also provide written notice of the reasons for denying credit for a particular course or set of courses at the request of the sending institution.

A student who receives notice as specified in item 1 of this section may dispute the denial of credit by contacting a designated official at either the sending or the receiving institution.

The two institutions and the student shall attempt to resolve the transfer of the course credit in accordance with The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board rules and guidelines.

If the transfer dispute is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student or the sending institution within 45 days after the date the student received written notice of denial, the institution that denies the course credit for transfer shall notify the Texas Commissioner of Higher Education of its denial and the reasons for the denial.

Readmission for Former Students Former Lamar students who have not registered or been in attendance for more than one long semester year must complete the application for undergraduate readmission at www. Students who left on suspension or with a grade point average below 2.

Former students who have attended another college are required to submit official transcripts of all work done subsequent to the last date of attendance at Lamar University, and to meet the academic requirements for other transfer students outlined in this bulletin.

Summer Transients Summer Only Summer transient students are undergraduate students who attend another college or university in the Spring semester and enter Lamar University for the summer only with the intent of returning to the primary institution upon completion of summer enrollment.

Students who attend another college in the spring semester who wish to do summer work only at Lamar University may be admitted as transient students. A summer transient student must submit a transient application online at www. Official academic transcript that verifies Spring semester enrollment.

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1. Admission. Applicants for admission to Lamar University are required to meet the academic requirements outlined in this catalog or other applicable publications of the university.

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