Knowledge management dilemma at tpa

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Knowledge management dilemma at tpa

After the project has reached its execution phase, the execution phase of the project will be carried Knowledge management dilemma at tpa by operations division. The operations division is further divided into two groups that are project management group and solution development group.

The Project Management group has authorized to manage all the project management characteristics related to the project. In addition, the Solution Development groups are authorized with the power of the deployment and development of technology within the TPA.

The Technology Project Authority observed the need for accomplishment of long-term goals in order to make the IT department of the TPA more diverse, efficient, and effective department. The long-term goal was the effective use of IT in facilitating the agency collaboration.


The collaboration among the different agencies is important for flow of relevant information among the departments. TPA has provided an optimal structure that provides a complete framework for implementation of Knowledge Management System.

The framework has a variety of strategies defined to accomplish the major goal of agency collaboration.

Knowledge management dilemma at tpa

The strategies consist of the implementation of the project should be done from the beginning to encourage and increase the knowledge management activities of the organization. The implementation from the beginning will help the TPA to integrate through its cross-boundary divisions and encourage the divisions to gather the better information on the work practices.

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The strategies will also encourage the divisions at the TPA in order to sustain their expertise level. The strategies were divided into three phases with the period that is analyzed below. Phase one is considered as the first phase of the implementation of the strategic long term goal. The phase will lead the different divisions at the TPA to deplete their inefficiencies with the achievement of several opportunities.

Knowledge management dilemma at tpa

The solution to the inefficiencies identified might be referred as the cost effectiveness solution. The phase 1 starts at the year that will involve the usage of the Information Technology and all the information flow in different divisions will be saved thoroughly.

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The phase leads the all three divisions to examine and change their activities. However, it was observed that very few workers have changed to adapt the knowledge management activities. The lapse in the phase has no authentic control and supervision was there at the time of enduring knowledge management activities.

After the first implementation of phase 1, the need to adapt the formal approach to the knowledge management in the yearthe environment of the company was not much affected by the earlier knowledge management activities.

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