Google search what is a business plan

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Google search what is a business plan

google search what is a business plan

Share via Email Google's self-driving car might have a business case predicated on a year timescale. He was previously chief competitive office and vice-president of competitive planning at Palm. This post is republished from his blog with permission.

The Verge was downright plaintive about it the other day, and I get the question frequently from financial analysts and reporters. But the topic also comes up regularly in conversations with my Silicon Valley friends. It's a puzzle because Google doesn't seem to respond to the rules and logic used by the rest of the business world.

It passes up what look like obvious opportunities, invests heavily in things that look like black holes, and proudly announces product cancellations that the rest of us would view as an embarrassment.

Google's behaviour drives customers and partners nuts, but is especially troubling to financial analysts who have to tell people whether or not to buy Google's stock. Every time Google has a less than stellar quarter, the issue surges up again.

As I wrote recently when discussing Dellit's a mistake to assume there's a logical reason for everything a company does. Sometimes managers act out of fear or ignorance or just plain stupidity, and trying to retrofit logic onto their actions is as pointless as a primitive shaman using goat entrails to explain a volcano.

But in Google's case, I think its actions do make sense — even the deeply weird stuff like the purchase of Motorola.

The issue, I believe, is that Google follows a different set of rules than most other companies.

Apple uses "Think Different" as its slogan, but in many ways Google is the company that truly thinks differently. It's not just marching to a different drummer; sometimes I think it hears an entirely different orchestra. Google's orchestra is unique because of three factors: Let's start with the culture.

For example, a farmer thinks in terms of annual seasons and crops; everything revolves around that yearly cycle. Manufacturing companies, the traditional foundation of a 20th century economy, plan in terms of big projects that take a long time to implement and require a lot of preparation.

If you're building a car or a plane or even a smartphone, you have to plan its features well in advance, drive hardware and software to completion at the same time, and arrange manufacturing and distribution long before you actually build anything.

The companies that build complex physical things naturally plan their products in terms of lifecycles lasting at least 12 to 24 months, and sometimes much longer.

That long planning cycle dominated big companies in the 20th century, and was driven into all our heads through generations of business books and business school classes. It's how most of our brains were formatted. An internet company, like Google, works at a fundamentally different pace.

Web software changes continuously. You don't plan it rigidly; you evolve it day by day in response to the behaviour of customers. The faster and more flexibly you evolve, the more successful your products will be. This evolutionary approach, and the Agile design processes that support it, is built into the fibre and psyche of web companies.

They don't think in terms of long-term detailed plans; they think in terms of stimulus and response.

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google search what is a business plan

Nov 21,  · The three levels in Google company hierarchy are explained as below in brief in a manner of chronological order means the highest one in the hierarchy is placed at the top while the lowest one is placed at the end. Business definition is - a usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood: trade, line.

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