Eve of water looi

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Eve of water looi

In case you are unfamiliar with the Eve of water looi concept, just know that this is not your typical theme park. In fact, this indoor facility comes with NO rides or arcade attractions at all! Instead, kids get to participate in a variety of role-playing activities specifically designed to educate and inspire kids aged 4 to 17, creating a kid-centric city experience from arriving at the airport, to visiting a city centre and exploring the city streets.

On top of it all, they get to earn a salary in the form of kidZos, the official currency of KidZaniapay for goods and services and manage an ATM card - all the things they see adults do in real life!

And trust me when I say the kids can never get enough of the job-hopping. Upon arrival at the indoor city Palawan Kidz City situated opposite Port of Lost Wonderkids and parents will be issued with boarding passes at a counter designed to resemble an airport check-in counter.

At the point of entry, all kids will receive 20 kidZos and a bank card with a value of 30 kidZos for a starting total of 50 kidZos. The kidZos function like money within KidZania and can be used to participate in activities, save or spend to purchase items at the Department Store.

The items in the Department Store start from 50 kidZos and the store is out of bounds to parents. After all, the aim is to let the kids take responsibility for their own spending decisions.

In KidZania, kids are given the independence and freedom to manage their finances on their own, either at the bank branch or through the ATMs and iKiosks in the city.

They are also able to open a personal savings account at any time during their visit so that they can deposit their hard-earned kidZos. The kidZos earned need not be spent in that particular visit. The child is able to save and accumulate more on subsequent visits to KidZania Singapore.

In fact, did you know that the kidZos earned in other KidZania worldwide can be deposited into the bank account here too? So if you have kidZos from other KidZanias, bring them down to the bank to exchange them. And yes, the currency exchange rate remains at 1: Internally, KidZania Singapore is spread over 2 levels and built to resemble a city.

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The streets are paved and there are establishments that one see in our everyday life - police station, fire station, hospital, bank, petrol station, restaurants.

I think it has to do with the wider streets and higher ceilings. This is how it is done in the park: At every establishment, there will be a sign like the one in the above photo.

The signs show information with regard to the job scope, as well as the recommended age group and duration of the activity. It also shows the payout of the job, and in the case of the Museum Curator, the payout is 8 kidZos.

Not too bad a salary for 20 minutes of work I reckon. Each task takes between 20 and 40 minutes to complete. Not all establishments earn an income though. There are some which offer services, like making a burger, going on a high ropes obstacle course or studying for a degree, and these require a payment instead.

While most of the activities are manageable for kids at least 4 years old, there are a few that require kids to be aged either 6 or 7 due to the nature of the jobs.

Some panels also carry additional information on the left column.

Eve of water looi

These may include certain conditions required for that specific job, like minimum height requirements, advance reading skills, or the need for insurance costs. There are some panels that depict a purple star too, which indicate that parents are welcomed to partake as spectators in that particular establishment.

Or should the child have additional qualifications like a university degree, he or she gets to earn an extra 2 kidZos on top of the usual remuneration!How Waterloov Gutter Guards Work.

Waterloov – How it works. Rain water flows onto the top of the gutter protector to the front of the panel and then down the front vertical surface of the protector. Many gutter covers have solid .

EVE - Planetary Commodities: Water

So yes, KidZania Singapore is THE place where kids ditch their parents and go looking for JOBS! And trust me when I say the kids can never get enough of the job-hopping.

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Eve of water looi

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