Driver turnover cost

How to Calculate Employee Turnover by Month Looking at monthly employe turnover can be used to learn more when employees leave in their first year. To calculate monthly employee turnover rates, divide the number of employee separations in one month by the average number of active employees at the worksite during the same period.

Driver turnover cost

Megan Younkin, Consultant Driver turnover costs trucking companies an average of about 3 million dollars every year. Beyond the upfront cost, we must also consider the adverse impact on retained drivers that results when drivers are overworked and overstressed dealing with an increased workload.

While turnover among any population is painful, it is especially difficult when it occurs within the first year on the job. With a skilled position like truck driving, the first year consists of a significant amount of training, which means that all of those costs are unrecoverable if the person departs.

Driver turnover cost

Turnover reasons commonly found for this population include compensation and mileage, schedule and off-time, and management. The cost of recruiting and training professional drivers is significant and fleets that want to turn the tides must make a concerted effort to target this population and support the needs of the people within it.

How to Reduce First-Year Driver Turnover One of the most effective ways to reduce driver turnover is to better develop fleet managers through extensive fleet manager training.

This has proved to be successful with several clients including Eagle Transport Corporation. Fleet manager training is not only a cost effective way to make sure your fleet managers and drivers are well trained but it also ensure the two roles maintain a positive and productive relationship.

The goal is to continue educating, mentoring, and supporting fleet managers so their new drivers become competent, confident contributors. Another best practice for retaining drivers is by helping provide a voice and an outlet for feedback on driver satisfaction.

People Element regularly identifies this as an opportunity for improvement within fleets. A third important area to focus on in order to positively affect driver retention is setting clear expectations up front with all new drivers. Expectations not matching reality is a common cause for driver turnover, and there are a few simple processes that can be operationalized in any fleet that will help set clear, appropriate expectations up front.

The exact steps and processes are different for each fleet, but knowing up front through driver feedback which expectations are consistently not matching the reality of a driving job goes a long way toward building a strategy for managing expectations. There is no silver bullet for reducing driver turnover.

Megan Younkin, Consultant Megan Younkin, People Element's Director of Consultant, has over 10 years experience analyzing client-specific surveys and interpreting the results for clients in several industries.

Her trucking clients range in size from to more than 15, trucks, including dry van, refrigerated, flat bed, and tankers. She works with leadership to improve the effectiveness of company drivers, lease purchase operators, owner operators, and independent contractors.

Megan has been asked to speak at transportation conventions across the country on topics such as driver retention and taking driver satisfaction data to action.

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With her clients, she implements various People Element assessments and surveys, analyzes the results to find data trends, make recommendations for improvement, and provide tools that help to reduce driver turnover.

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and around the world. Training costs. Paid training costs are obvious. If you have to pay $5, for a seminar to teach your new employee your complex internal computer systems, that's a cost noted on a spreadsheet.

As the turnover data rolled in, the executives were surprised to discover that they were wrong: Some stores with high turnover were extremely profitable, while others with low turnover struggled.

Jan 06,  · The company’s driver turnover – 20% voluntary, 15% or so initiated by Paladin as it enforces lofty quality standards – sets it apart from the industry. • Other costs including safety/insurance/legal, maintenance, and productivity loss. Average Results The average cost of turnover per driver for all companies in the study was $8, and ranged from $2, to $20, For company driver fleets, the average was $7, For dry van, company driver fleets, the average was $8, Costello says the cold weather could have limited turnover, which could rise as the economy improves and higher freight volumes put more pressure on the market.

The picture was even gloomier when it came to turnover among temporary workers (temps are considered to have "turned over" if they decide to leave before the end of . All of this helps explain why the turnover rate at large truckload carriers was 92% annualized in Q1, according to the ATA.

Turnover refers to the rate at which drivers leave the industry and are.

Driver turnover cost
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