Cmgt 445 week 3 ind imp

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Cmgt 445 week 3 ind imp

Cellular Parameters of Malignancy.

Tumor cell surfaces and malignancy - [PDF Document]

Viral Proteins and the Cell Surfaces. Cell Biology of Malignancy. Tumor Antigens as Molecules. Why does a cell become a tumor?

Cmgt 445 week 3 ind imp

The in vitro transformations that are separately correlated with tumorigenicity form a subset of physiological, genetic and biochemical events, each linked to the other to form a syndrome.

The linkages imply a common mechanism, and that, in turn implies that their normal counterparts share in a common mechanism to maintain normal growth control. We will discuss current work on the roles of promotors and viral genes These are certasl- identical questions, but in their overlap For early passage rodent fibroblasts transformed by Papova viruses, in initiation and maintenance of this syndrome, and on the mechanism underly- ing it.

Rossow, and Veronica G. This t i m e remains r e l a t i v e l y cans t an t when ce l l growth is slowed by the presence of low l e v e l s of cycloheximide.

We conclude from these experiments t h a t t he " t ransformat ion" and the s p e c i f i c r e t e n t i o n of some degree of growth c o n t r o l does no t have meaning unless a t the very l ea s tthe transforming agent i s s p e c i f i e d.

The i n h i b i t i o n of c e l l growth by membranes i s competi t ive with high serum concentrat ion o r by the add i t ion of def ined mitogens such a5 FGF and dexamethasone. The i n h i b i t o r y components present in membrane f r a c t i o n s are destroyed by hea t ing a t 60".

Busan - South Korea

C e l l s whose growth has been in- h ib i t ed by a d d i t i o n of membranes show a decreased r a t e of a-amino i sobu ty r i c t r anspor tbut normal r a t e s of glucose and phosphate t r anspor t.

Schwann c e l l s from d o r s a l root gangl ia Wood, Brain Researchremain quiescent u n l e s s i n con tac t with axons from d o r s a l r o o t gangl ia. The formation of a highly organized vascular and corneal endo the l i a l c e l l monolayer is assoc ia t ed with t h e appearance of a 60K molecular weight c e l l su r f ace p ro te in CSP which, when reduced, g ives r i s e t o a 30K component.

After d i s rup t ion of a confluent endo- t h e l i a l c e l l monolayer, CSP i s no longer exposed on the c e l l su r f acebut it reappears as soon as the cells readopt t h e i r c h a r a c t e r i s t i c highly f l a t t e n e d and two-dimensional organizat ion.

Maximal amounts of f i b ronec t in and no CSP a r e de t ec t ed i n subconfluent. The potent tumor promoter tetradecanoyl phorbolacetate TPAand related compounds, elicit four unusual biologic properties in cell culture: In various types of cell cultures these effects are associated with the following changes in cell surface properties and membranes: Brunson a n d I.

Brun- son and G. Read ingP. Kramer a n d G. Recognition that not all cells in a malignant primary tumor possess the proper- ties needed to complete all of these steps in the metastatic process has major implications for the choice and design of experimental systems for the study of metastasis.

Studies on unselected heterogenous tumor cell populations isolated from primary lesions may offer little insight into the properties needed for a cell to successfully metastasize. Analysis of the malignant phenotype therefore requires isolation and characterization of those sub- populations of malignant cells which are endowed with the full complement of properties required for metastatic behavior.

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It seems clear, therefore, that if we are to learn how cells engage in Iocormtion within organisms they must be Studied there. There have been a number of investigations of cell locomotion in vivo recently and, although all must be regarded as preliminary, considerable information has been gained.

Cells Surely possess the same iocomotory machinery in v i m as they do in vitro, such as an adhesive fluid cell surface, a cortical system of contractile mlcrofilaments, and structural elements such as microtubules; however, they appear to use this machinery in quantitatively different ways when confronted with their normal tissue environment.Read Fort Walton Beach Playground Daily News Newspaper Archives, Nov 17, , p.

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