An analysis of dreams seen in various ways

Our interactive dream forum has Thousands of dream members analyzing there dreams on a daily basis to find what is hidden deep in their subconscious mind. E and keep changing as the world evolves. They both developed the concepts of the extroverted and the introverted personality, archetypes, and the collective unconscious.

An analysis of dreams seen in various ways

While these individuals certainly influenced the World, they are far from the founding fathers of dream analysis. That is not to say their contributions are pointless. In fact, it is highly likely that Freud and Jung enhanced dream interpretation at the very least by provoking thought in mainstream Western society; they got the masses thinking outside the circle.

I believe the answer is the same today as it was in ancient times. It can be found in the words of the philosopher Descartes: In other words, humans think, therefore they are aware of their existence. This quest for meaning is a common theme in the history of dream interpretation and can be found in the texts of people throughout the ages.

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Whilst reading you may want to consider the following Why does the Western world currently place less significance on the content of dreams?

As stated prior, people nowadays still have a thirst for understanding the meaning of dreams but there appears an underlying reluctance to fully accept the plausibility of their worth. Such doubting, as you will see, was never an option in other cultures, or other civilisations, in other times.

Not only does he talk a great deal about his dreams, he also attributes an extraordinary importance to them, so that it often seems as though he were unable to distinguish between them and reality.

To the civilized man dreams as a rule appear valueless, though there are some people who attach great significance to certain dreams on account of their weird and impressive character.

An analysis of dreams seen in various ways

The ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were messages from the gods, and years before Christ, produced the earliest dream book with over of those messages. Egyptian dream interpreters believed in the theory of opposites: The ancient Egyptians also believed that dreams related to the adventures of the soul when it leaves the body during sleep.

In some African tribes, dream life is held almost as important as waking life. Even today it is believed that dream battles take place, and warriors wake up with sore arm muscles assuming that they have been wielding their clubs during the night.

The Zulu people regard dreams as messages from ancestors rather than gods. History of Dream Interpretation: After initiation, a boy with a rich dream life, who could relate it in rich detail, was regarded as particularly wise and valuable to the tribe.

Potent dreamers such as Black Elk of the Sioux people, have recorded their dreams in much detail. Even though the different nations' interpretation of dream symbols differed widely, dream books today still echo some of their beliefs, for example that a dream of a snake signifies sickness, or that if you dream of a black bird, it is an omen of evil.

The Greeks also believed dreams to be divine messages. Many sacred places in Greece were used for dream incubation.

Drugs and herbal potions were taken to induce sleep, and dreams were regarded as important prophecies, with special reference to ailments and afflictions. The modern view of dreams as a revelation of man's true nature also originated with the Greeks.

Plato wrote, 'When the gentler part of the soul slumbers and the control of reason is withdrawn; then the wild beast in us, full-fed with meat or drink, becomes rampant and shakes off sleep to go in quest of what will gratify its own instincts. As you know, it will cast away all shame and prudence at such moments and stick at nothing.

In fantasy it will not shrink from intercourse with a mother or anyone else, man, god, brute, or from forbidden food or any deed of blood. In a word, it will go to any length of shamelessness or folly. He believed that dreams could predict the onset of diseases unobserved in waking life.

Hippocrates took the same view.All analysis of dreams rests upon concepts of what a dream is, what the events or images in the dream represent, and what we feel about them. Analysing dreams has a very long history, and this history shows the various concepts different cultures had .

To see the tail of an animal is unfortuneate in many ways, chief of which is that through carelessness you may bring about disaster on your own head. Having grown the tail of an animal on your own person denotes the evil intent you have toward another which will be your downfall unless you change.

Perhaps the most important thing about dream analysis, identifying the basic theme sets the tone for the interpretation. It is done like so: First, write down the dream (or record it). Look at the dream from a different perspective.

How to Interpret your Dreams builds on the research of leading dream analysis experts, Given the relevance many people can see in dreams, Body Language & Dream Interpretation guides. Self hypnosis MP3 downloads and . The dreams analysis page on Dream Central.

Dream Central is your dreams information resource on the net. Also, by keeping your mind on what you want to dream about is a good way to dream about one particular issue. Don't over concentrate though, or it will keep you awake. A theme is NOT the whole interpretation, as you can see.

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. Dream Dictionary provides a complete resource to help you analyze your dreams and find our their meaning. Both had a different approach on dream analysis but in today's time Jung's theories are considered more relevant. Interesting Facts About Dreams. Unfortunately this on going mystery have been interpenetrated in many different ways.

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