Aknowledgement dont delete please

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Aknowledgement dont delete please

As developers discuss the pertinence of using an IsDeleted column in the database to mark deletion, and the way this relates to reporting and auditing concerns is weighed, the core domain concepts rarely get a mention. Should all previous orders containing that item just disappear?

And cascading farther, should all invoices for those orders be deleted as well? So, is Ayende wrong? Do we really need soft deletes after all?

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In talking with these users, we might discover that their intent is quite different: We want to get rid of the inventory we have, but not order any more from our supplier.

Model the task, not the data Looking back at the story our friend from marketing told us, his intent is to discontinue the product — not to delete it in any technical sense of the word. As we broaden our perspective to more parts of the system, we see this same pattern repeating: There may also be fees incurred if the order is canceled too late.

A compensation package often needs to be handled.

Aknowledgement dont delete please

In all cases, the thing we should focus on is the task the user wishes to perform, rather than on the technical action to be performed on one entity or another. In almost all cases, more than one entity needs to be considered. At the entity level, instead of having a hidden technical WasDeleted status, we see an explicit business status that users need to be aware of.

Rules and Validation When looking at the world through over-simplified-delete-glasses, we may consider the logic dictating when we can delete to be quite simple: The real world is a bigger, more complicated cake. And more… Deciding what the next status should be may very well depend on the current business status of the entity.

Deciding if that change of state is allowed is context and time specific — at one point in time the task may have been allowed, but later not.

Have you asked them about additional statuses and rules dictating how entities move as groups between them? Look for the reason why. Understand the different statuses that entities move between.

Ask which users need to care about which status.I don't know how to delete this page. 45 likes.

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Bye. If you have a good solution then please share it. Thomas (36) Says: September 13th, at am #42 Dahan posted an article titled “Don’t Delete – Just Don’t” a few weeks back. In that article Udi explores soft deletes versus hard deletes, but he [ ].

Aug 24,  · 'Please confirm receipt' is a standard phrase, but I associated it with letters or possibly formal emails, and would therefore probably not use it for texting.

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Aknowledgement dont delete please

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