A lab experiment to design an amplitude modulation am radio

Please see the instructor for any further information. Fundamentals of Analog Communications Analog Communication is an information transmitting mechanism, i. The significant invention made by Marconi in was a radio. Later, the foundation of Trans-Atlantic Communication Systems had been taken place.

A lab experiment to design an amplitude modulation am radio

We will show how the A-to-D sampling and the D-to-A reconstruction processes are carried out for digital images. In particular, we will show a commonly used method of image zooming reconstruction that gives poor results a later lab will revisit this issue and do a better job. As a result, you should learn how filters can create interesting effects such as blurring and echoes.

In addition, we will use FIR filters to study the convolution operation and properties such as linearity and time-invariance. This demo illustrates an important point about the behavior of a linear, time-invariant LTI system. It also provide a convenient way to visualize the output of a LTI system.

In the experiments of this lab, you will use firfiltor convto implement filters and freqz to obtain the filter's frequency response. As a result, you should learn how to characterize a filter by knowing how it reacts to different frequency components in the input. This lab also introduces two practical filters: Bandpass filters can be used to detect and extract information from sinusoidal signals, e.

Nulling filters can be used to remove sinusoidal interference, e. Encoding and Decoding Touch-Tone Signals This lab introduces a practical application where sinusoidal signals are used to transmit information: Bandpass FIR filters can be used to extract the information encoded in the waveforms.

Octave Band Filtering This lab introduces a practical application where we attempt to extract information from sinusoidal signals - in this case, piano notes.

The goal of this lab is to design and implement several bandpass FIR filters in MATLAB, and use the filtered outputs to determine automatically which note is being played. However, since there are 88 keys on the piano, we will only require the system to figure out which octave the note is in, not the exact note.

Your job is to remove the tones so you can hear the message better.Slide 1 Amplitude Modulation Slide 18 Experiment Making an AM Modulator Slide 19 Experiment (cont. 1) Slide 20 Experiment (cont.

2) the amplitude of the carrier wave in a way related to m(t). Condition for No Overmodulation In standard AM broadcasting, the envelope.

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Improvements on original design. Thomas [thomasciciyan @ iridis-photo-restoration.com] made some improvement on original design. Ability for capacitor microphone. Amplitude and frequency modulation (AM and FM) as well as frequency and phase shift keying (FSK, PSK) and 2-dimensional quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) signal constellations can be explored with the help of the tools provided by the GNU Radio software.

Angle modulation includes both phase modulation (PM) and frequency modulation (FM). The main difference between angle modulation and amplitude modulation is that in angle modulation, the information is contained in the angle of the carrier whereas in amplitude modulation, the information is in the amplitude of the carrier.

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DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AMPLITUDE MODULATOR AND DEMODULATOR Introduction Communication is the most important needs from the very beginning of civilization. The objective of this lab is to introduce more complicated signals that are related to the basic sinusoid.

A lab experiment to design an amplitude modulation am radio

These signals, which implement frequency modulation (FM) and amplitude modulation (AM), are widely used in communication systems such as radio and television, but they also can be used to create interesting sounds that mimic musical instruments.

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